30 Januari 2013

[tugas b.inggris] Kalimat "Direct Dan Indirect Speech"

Direct speech
Indirect speech
John needs help
Edward says that John needs help
David says : ‘I like music’
David says that he likes music
Our teacher says : ‘you should learn well’
Our teacher says that we should learn well
Bob said : ‘Peter is at home’
Bob said that Peter was at home
Jack said : ‘My mother is ill’
Jack said that his mother was ill
Sonia said : ‘My sister is sleeping’
Sonia said that her sister was sleeping
Anne said : ‘They are reading’
Anne said that they were raeding
Helen said : ‘I want to buy an umbrella’
Helen said that she wanted to buy an umbrella
Frank said : ‘Jane will go to the beach’
Frank said that Jane would go to the beach
Simon said : ‘I will call you’
Simon said that he would call me
Laura said : ‘I have eaten a banana’
Laura said that she had eaten a banana
Vivian said : ‘Peter wrote a letter’
Vivian said that Peter had written a letter
Jim said to Jane :‘What are you reading?’
Jim asked Jane what she was reading
Susan said to Bill:‘Where are you going?’
Susan asked Bill where he was going
Eddy said to me : ‘Where is your pen ?’
Eddy asked me where my pen was
Lucy said to me : ‘Why doyou hate rats?’
Lucy asked me why I hated rats
Bob asked me : ‘Is your sister married ?’
Bob asked me if (whether) my sister was married
Gina asked me : ‘Are you all right ?’
Gina asked me if (whether) I was all right
Peter asked me : ‘Can you help me ?’
Peter asked me if (whether) I could help him
Betty asked me : ‘Do you want to drink?’
Betty asked me if (whether) I wanted to drink
Open the door, please
He asked me to open the door
Can you give me some money, Paul ?
I asked Paul if he could give me some money
Do you understand, Susan ?
I asked Susan if she understood

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