07 September 2013

[tugas b.inggris] Percakapan Bahasa Inggris materi "Certainly/Uncertainly"

Ola: Verra, how are you today?

Verra: i’m fine thank you

ola    :  What do you think we should buy as our classroom?

verra   : A flower, I think.

ola  : Are you sure?

verra: I am sure. As far as I know.

ola  : Well, it is possible I suppose, but I doubt it.

verra: So, what do you think?

ola  : Why don’t we buy a shoe rack?

verra: I don’t think so. It’s too expensive.

ola  : You are right, but our can collect the money.

verra: Still, I doubt it. I’m broke now. I don’t think I can get enough money within this week.

ola  : Well, doubt isn’t going to do anything. I can lend you the money if you want.

verra: Really?

ola  : Certainly.

verra: Thank you very much.

ola  : my pleasure.

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